• Satheesh Kumar

    Satheesh Kumar

  • Simon Titcombe

    Simon Titcombe

    UX Designer in London, GA graduate: www.linkedin.com/in/simontitcombe/

  • Jesse Paquette

    Jesse Paquette

    Full-stack programmer, computational biologist, and pick-up soccer addict, located in Brussels and San Francisco. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessepaquette/

  • Jono Milnes

    Jono Milnes

    Product Designer @ Financial Times

  • Usina de UX

    Usina de UX

    Product Management for daydreamers. I truly believe: design is not about me or my portfolio. Is about the people that i’m designing for.

  • Italo Perdigão Mouzinho

    Italo Perdigão Mouzinho

  • Alama


    Enthusiast IT, Nerdy, Agilist lady!

  • PitchMe


    Skills-based talent marketplace introducing multilayered profiling of skills and innovative matching algorithms.

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